Leeds Castle Mini Guide

United Kingdom
leeds castle

Coordinates: 51°14’56.1″N 0°37’49.3″E
Location: Maidstone, United Kingdom
Official Website: https://leeds-castle.com/
Opening Hours: 10.30 AM – 4.30 PM

Leeds Castle, one of the finest castles in the United Kingdom, was constructed during the 12th century. Although it is believed to have been built by Robert de Crevecoeur, the exact date of its construction is unknown. Over the centuries, the castle served as a royal palace, a prison, and a private residence.

In the 20th century, the castle was purchased by an American heiress who meticulously restored it and turned the surrounding grounds into a popular tourist destination. Visitors to Leeds Castle can tour the interior and learn about its fascinating history, take a stroll through the lovely gardens and parklands, get lost in the maze, watch the bird show at the aviary, and visit the dog collar museum, which displays a collection of historic dog collars.

All in all, Leeds Castle is a beautiful and fascinating place to visit, and is highly regarded as one of the most picturesque castles in England.

How to reach Leeds Castle

By car: Leeds Castle is located off the A229 road and is well signposted. There is ample parking available on site.

By train: The nearest train station is Bearsted, which is about 4 miles away from the castle. From Bearsted, you can take a taxi or a bus to the castle.

By bus: There are regular bus services that run from Maidstone to Leeds Castle. The bus stop is located just a short walk from the castle entrance.

By air: The nearest airports are London Gatwick and London Heathrow, both of which are about an hour’s drive from Leeds Castle. From the airport, you can take a train or a taxi to the castle.

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