Complete Guide, 2 Weeks Road Trip in France with Kids

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road trip in france with kids

Inspired by the triumph of our 30-day family road expedition across Europe last year, we eagerly prepared our car for yet another adventure. This time, our journey took on a more unhurried pace, centering our focus on the rich tapestry of France’s diverse regions. Crafting a 15-day itinerary, we pinpointed two captivating destinations that promised to unfold a unique blend of experiences: the awe-inspiring futuristic wonders of Futuroscope and the timeless medieval charm tucked away in the heart of the Dordogne.

road trip france 2023
Itinerary of the Road Trip in France

Road Trip Itinerary

To enhance last year’s road trip, we equipped ourselves with a camping stove and canned food, ensuring hot and satisfying dinners. The experience was a success, turning roadside stops into culinary adventures. However, our only regret was not having more time to fully immerse ourselves in the enchanting Dordogne, where medieval charm and rich history left us yearning for an extended stay. The lesson learned: while efficient road trip strategies matter, some destinations, like Dordogne, deserve the luxury of time.

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