10 Things You Should Know Before Your Road Trip in Europe

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10 things before going on road trip in europe

Europe beckons with family-friendly adventures, offering a budget-conscious way to explore diverse cities and countries. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  1. Family Fun on Four Wheels: Europe offers a fantastic, budget-friendly way to explore multiple cities and countries with your family.
  2. Research toll requirements, low emission zones, and vignette stickers needed for specific European roads.
  3. Avoid August’s peak season crowds, high prices, and long waits at attractions.
  4. Pack Light, Explore More: Utilize laundromats to pack less and maximize comfort on the road.
  5. Buffer Your Time: Plan for a 30% buffer (40% with young kids) on travel times to account for bathroom breaks, traffic jams, road closures, and extended meal stops.
  6. Be a Booking Pro: Pre-book accommodation and popular attractions, especially during peak season, as some require reservations a week in advance.
  7. Manage Expectations: Long drives, unpredictable weather, and detours are all part of the adventure.
  8. Stay Prepared: Always carry an emergency water and food supply in your car and avoid running low on fuel.
  9. Plan It Out: Research and plan your road trip itinerary in advance for a smoother and more enjoyable experience.
  10. Go with the Flow: Early starts are great, but be prepared to adjust your schedule on the fly. Embrace unexpected detours and allow time for spontaneous discoveries.

If you want to learn more check out our guide on how to plan a road trip.

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